Development Study - Henderson County, NC

henderson countyBenchmark is working with Henderson County to prepare a land development study for a proposed wastewater service expansion in the fast growing northern portion of the county between Asheville and Hendersonville. The purpose of the study is to examine potential development scenarios associated with the extension of wastewater infrastructure into a sewer service basin east of Interstate 26 in the vicinity of US Highway 64. The intent of the study is to provide the county commissioners with a comparison of the potential outcomes that could be realized based on the specific type of infrastructure that is chosen to serve a planned school in the upstream portion of the basin (gravity sewer vs. a pump station and force main). The study will consider the residential land supply, development capacity, transportation concerns, public safety, and revenue generation potential in the study area. This will be used to demonstrate the capacity of the planning area to accommodate potential growth and determine the net residential development density necessary to achieve a positive revenue generation outcome for the county (for both general and enterprise funds). The results of the study will then serve as one portion of the base of information used by the county to inform its decision-making process for providing infrastructure to the new school.

Joint Comprehensive Planning Process - Alleghany County & City of Covington, VA

alleghanyAlleghany County and the City of Covington have decided to leverage their resources and work collaboratively in updating their Comprehensive Plans, last adopted in 2013, by having a joint planning process. What this means is that there is one steering committee that will be working closely with the Benchmark Planning team through the vision, goals, and objectives for the County and the City. The outcome will be one plan for Alleghany County and one plan for the City of Covington, through one shared process. This ensures that both the County and the City grow together cohesively.  The planning process will take about a year to complete, with an expected adoption in October 2018.

Comprehensive Plan - City of Gatesville, TX

courthouse gatesville webThe City of Gatesville, the county seat of Coryell County, is located along the Leon River at the intersection of U.S. Highway 84 and State Highway 36, eighty miles north of Austin in the Central Texas region. The city is working with Benchmark Planning to prepare a comprehensive plan that will develop long-term strategies that most effectively capitalize on the growth of Central Texas and the expansive growth of the Killeen-Temple-Fort Hood metropolitan area.

Benchmark is working with the City of Gatesville Texas, Fort Hood, and the Central Texas Council of Governments to prepare a new comprehensive plan for the city. As the only city in Fort Hood’s encroachment awareness area without an up-to-date comprehensive plan, this project was deemed to be of critical importance to the implementation of the recently completed Fort Hood Joint Land Use Study due to the absence of a clear growth strategy for areas that are subject to potential military impacts related to high noise levels and aircraft operations in the vicinity of the city and its extraterritorial jurisdiction. Benchmark is working closely with the city to develop a compatible growth strategy that will allow the city to continue to grow and develop its economy in a manner that is conducive to the long term sustainability of Fort Hood’s military training mission.

Residential Land Development Study - Holly Springs, NC

hollyspring thHolly Springs (pop. 30,021), is a fast-growing community located in suburban Wake County near Raleigh and the Research Triangle Park (RTP). The Town has experienced significant growth over the last two decades, with ongoing opportunities for additional growth in the southern area of the community. Benchmark is currently working with the Town of Holly Springs to prepare a residential land development study as part of the town’s Southern Area Planning Initiative. The purpose of the study is to examine the residential land supply, development capacity, utility extension requirements, municipal service costs, and revenue generation potential in the study area. This information will be used to demonstrate the capacity of the study area to accommodate anticipated growth and determine the net residential development density necessary to achieve a positive revenue generation outcome for the town (for both general and enterprise funds). The results of the study will serve as one portion of the base of information used by the Town to inform the overall direction of the for growth and development in the Southern Area.

Grissom ARB Joint Land Use Study - Miami County, IN

grissom webBenchmark Planning is participating on a team led by White & Smith LLC to prepare a Joint Land Use Study for Grissom Air Reserve Base, located near the town of Bunker Hill in Miami County, Indiana. The base is home to the Air Force Reserve’s 434th Air Refueling Wing, with two operational squadrons flying 16 KC-135 tanker aircraft. The study, which is being sponsored by the Miami County Economic Development Authority, is examining land use compatibility around the installation with aircraft operations at the base, including aircraft noise, accident potential, and tall structures. The results of the study will be used to make recommendations for the local governments in the study area to enhance their local land use plans and ordinances to ensure long term compatibility between civilian development in the region and the military mission of Grissom ARB. The study is also examining the potential compatibility impacts of the future conversion of the wing’s current KC-135 aircraft to the new KC-46 tankers that are being acquired to replace the Air Force’s legacy tanker fleet.

Downtown Market Analysis & Mill Redevelopment Feasibility Study – City of Greenwood, SC

uptown greenwood webThe City of Greenwood is located in the Lower Piedmont region of Upstate South Carolina, and provides a friendly, small-town setting along with the progressive and active environment of a larger city.  Greenwood is home to numerous community assets including Lake Greenwood, Lander University, Piedmont Technical College, Self Regional Healthcare, Uptown Greenwood, excellent schools, and cultural opportunities.  

In 2011, the City of Greenwood acquired the former Kitson Mill site and through its partnership with the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control and the Environmental Protection Agency developed a plan to prepare the formerly contaminated site for redevelopment.  The city selected Benchmark Planning, in association with Kimley-Horn and Retail Strategies to perform a downtown market analysis and a feasibility study  for the redevelopment of the former Kitson Mill site.

Unified Development Ordinance - Town of Pilot Mountain, NC

pilot webThe Town of Pilot Mountain is nestled within the Yadkin Valley Appellation at the foot of its landmark namesake; the striking pinnacle knob that rises from the ancient Sauratown Mountain chain.  The town provides opportunities to connect with nature by exploring the beautiful Pilot Mountain State Park and enjoying the richness of its charming downtown and wineries.  The town has engaged Benchmark Planning to develop a unified development ordinance that will help maintain its small-town appeal and character, balancing opportunities for growth with the desire to preserve the unique qualities that have made the town a major tourism destination in the region.

Indoor Recreation Feasibility Study - City of Burlington, NC

burlington webThe City of Burlington selected Moser Mayer Phoenix and Benchmark Planning to evaluate the feasibility of building an indoor recreation facility in the western area of the city.  The study included an online survey and a series of community meetings to explore programming and recreational activities for a new facility.  The team evaluated the needs and desires expressed by the community and developed conceptual plans and recommendations for the new facility.

Kerr-McGee Site Redevelopment Plan - Navassa, NC

Navassa webThe 251-acre Kerr-McGee Superfund Site is located just outside of Wilmington in the Town of Navassa along the Brunswick River and Sturgeon Creek.  Benchmark Planning has been contracted to participate on a team led by Greenfield Environmental Multistate Trust to identify options for the redevelopment of the site.  The team is coordinating with a local redevelopment working group to explore feasible, community-supported options for the potential future of the former industrial site.

New Hanover County Block - Site & Market Analysis - Wilmington, NC

wil frontOver the past five years, Downtown Wilmington has experienced significant growth and development with over $346 million worth of new investments transforming the historic Downtown. Recently completed projects include new facilities for retail, restaurant, office, residential and hospitality users. More projects are underway or announced that will further grow the retail, hospitality and residential base.

With this influx of activity, New Hanover County government and other civic leaders recognized an opportunity exists to leverage an existing County-owned parking deck and underused public property surrounding the deck to attract more growth and maximize this asset. To move forward, New Hanover County, working with Wilmington Downtown Incorporated (WDI) selected a team led by Benchmark Planning to conduct a Market Demand Analysis to determine viable development opportunities for the Downtown central business district and a Site Analysis to examine land use codes and architectural issues that could lead to the redevelopment of the entire one block site.  The Benchmark team includes Kimley-Horn and Moser Mayer Phoenix.  Click here to learn more.

Food Systems, Working Lands & Military Readiness - Columbia/Richland County, SC

richlandtomatoesBenchmark Planning, in association with Greenfield, Kimley-Horn and White & Smith was selected by the Central Midlands Council of Governments to prepare a food system planning and feasibility study to identify opportunities to guide compatible development, particularly south and southeast of Fort Jackson and around McEntire JNGB, by directly connecting compatible conservation and “working” land uses with military readiness priorities. The planning process will focus on examining the feasibility of implementing market-based incentives and strategies to help establish and maintain compatible conservation and “working” land uses in the high priority encroachment areas subject to urban development pressures between the two military installations. This project is based on two priority action strategies identified in the 2009 Fort Jackson-McEntire JLUS plan:   1) Conservation Partnering and economic incentives and 2) Sustainability Partnerships that focus on strategies to improve public infrastructure capacity, protect the environment, and promote economic activity.  This work will complement the regulatory approach to encroachment mitigation used in the 2012 JLUS implementation project, which consisted of developing zoning ordinance and comprehensive plan language for two priority sub-areas near the military installations.    

The planning assessment will include a “working” land suitability analysis, a peer community/case study review, a comprehensive supply and demand based market analysis of agriculture, forestry, conservation, eco and agri-tourism related industries, and an assessment of institutional demand for regionally produced agricultural and forestry goods with a focus on leveraging the purchasing power of large local anchor institutions with captive consumer markets, such as military installations (Fort Jackson, McEntire, the SC National Guard), hospitals, universities and  other large related entities.  The study will also contain an assessment of industry related facility, infrastructure, and organizational needs, as well as provide a messaging and outreach strategy for supporting locally produced goods.  Finally, the food systems planning process will be conducted within a comprehensive stakeholder and community outreach program that will involve local land owners, farmers, foresters, business leaders, military personnel, non-profit organizations, various state and federal agencies, and the general public.

Downtown Master Plan - City of Suffolk, VA

suffolk va dtBenchmark Planning was recently selected to update the Downtown Suffolk Initiatives Plan prepared by Urban Design Associates in 1998.  The original plan was created as part of the City's comprehensive plan update process and carried out as a separate study.  The updated study will focus on downtown's relationship to the natural environment; local architectural character and tradition; transportation framework; and overall downtown initiatives. 

Neighborhood Plan - Cape Girardeau, MO

CapeGirardeauBridgeBenchmark is partnering with the City of Cape Girardeau, Missouri to develop a plan for the Red Star neighborhood, which is located just north of the city’s downtown on the Mississippi River. The neighborhood, which is named after the Red Star shoe factory that once served as an anchor of the community, experienced significant flooding several years ago. Following the flood, the city received FEMA grant funds to purchase impacted properties, and is now working with the neighborhood association to plan for the future use of those properties while also developing a holistic plan to strengthen the neighborhood. Benchmark will be leading the planning effort with support from city staff and the neighborhood association. The plan is being prepared at no cost to the city through Benchmark’s pro bono technical assistance program.

Downtown Organizational Assessment – Lynchburg, VA

Lynchburg DowntownBenchmark is working closely with downtown Lynchburg to provide an organizational assessment and guidance on a strategic work plan.  Benchmark is helping downtown Lynchburg develop an organizational framework for on-going partnerships between business and development interests, local government and other public entities; and the wider community of downtown supporters; organizational staffing, leadership, and funding strategies; and developing organizational strategies and implementation priorities.

Fort Bragg Joint Land Use Study - Fayetteville, NC

FortBraggBenchmark Planning has been selected to prepare the Fort Bragg Joint Land Use Study.  The massive growth on Fort Bragg has spawned much private sector development in the surrounding municipalities and counties – particularly in the five-mile area encircling Fort Bragg’s boundaries.  Much of the ensuing development (mainly in the past eight years since the last JLUS was completed) may be incompatible with the military training mission.  Fort Bragg is a major US Army installation covering an area of over 251 square miles and containing over 162,000 acres of land.  It has the largest military population of any US Army post – approximately 145,519 people in 2014 (including both soldiers and their dependents).  Over the past thirty years Fort Bragg has experienced a huge construction boom – expanding from 23 million square feet of building space in 1985 to 52.2 million square feet in 2014.  It is also the home of the US Army Forces Command (FORSCOM), which is collocated with the US Army Reserve Command, the XVIII Airborne Corps Headquarters, the 82nd Airborne Division, and the US Army Special Operations Command (USASOC).

Multi-Jurisdictional Land Use Plan – City of Sanford, Lee County & Town of Broadway, NC

TobaccoFarm LeeCountyThe City of Sanford, Lee County and the Town of Broadway are working together to prepare a multi-jurisdictional land use plan.  The land use plan is intended to serve as both a physical and policy plan to guide each jurisdiction over the next 10 to 20 years. The plan will focus on helping elected officials and citizens make informed decisions concerning land use and development.  As part of the planning process, focus group meetings with stakeholders will be conducted to receive guidance and feedback on the topics covered by the plan. The updated plan will establish meaningful and achievable goals, as well as strategies and policies for the implementation of the plan. Benchmark Planning was selected to lead the planning process.

Strategic Planning Retreat – Downtown Raleigh Alliance, NC

RaleighDowntownRecently, Benchmark facilitated the annual strategic planning retreat for the Downtown Raleigh Alliance (DRA). The DRA is an award-winning nonprofit organization whose mission is to continue the revitalization of Raleigh’s downtown by enhancing its quality of life and contributing to its economic success. On a day-to-day basis, DRA provides six core services designed to support its primary stakeholders (property owners, government officials, business owners): 1. Safety, Hospitality & Clean Ambassadors; 2. Strategic Branding & Community Communications; 3. Special Events Production; 4. Retail Attraction & Merchant Promotions; 5. Strategic Partnerships & Stakeholder Engagement; and 6. Strategic Planning.

Downtown Urban Design Plan - City of Concord, NC

concorddowntownBenchmark Planning was recently commissioned to prepare a Downtown Urban Design Plan for the City of Concord, NC.  The transformative plan will be based upon significant stakeholder and focus group outreach that will include a week-long design charrette.  The plan will examine existing conditions, previous studies, market potential and a recent parking study.  The plan will recommend conceptual streetscape improvements along with development recommendations for opportunity sites in order to establish a clear framework for investment in the city’s thriving downtown.

Comprehensive Land Use & Transportation Plan - City of Aiken, SC

aikenThe City of Aiken, SC  (pop. 29,524) recently commissioned Benchmark Planning to prepare an update to its comprehensive plan. With a thriving historic core that represents one of the few planned cities in the South of its vintage, the city has blossomed over the years into a destination for equestrian activities and golfing. Located in close proximity to both the Department of Energy’s Savannah River Site and Augusta, GA, Aiken has benefitted significantly from the economic growth in the region. The focus of the planning effort will be to establish a framework for continued growth and economic development that also preserves the city’s character.

Small Area Transportation Plan - New Bern, NC

New BernBenchmark was selected as part of the Davenport transportation planning team to conduct a transportation planning study to guide development patterns along Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard (US 17 Business) between Trent Road and McCarthyBoulevard. The New Bern Area MPO identified numerous projects that are planned for the area, and asked the team to ensure that the transportation network was adequately planned to support them. The study provided both short and long term recommendations to achieve the goals.

Performance Audit - City of High Point, NC

high point ncThe City of High Point, NC  (pop. 108,629) has recently selected Benchmark Planning to conduct a performance audit of the Planning and Development Department. The audit is intended to identify opportunities for improvement in existing policies and procedures, while incorporating best practices into the current business operations of the department’s  Development Services and Inspection Services divisions. The primary focus of the audit will be to evaluate the department’s organizational structure, employee workloads, and whether the North Carolina Building Codes and other state and local regulations are being enforced in a fair, consistent and timely manner. The audit will also gauge public sentiment regarding the department’s service and make recommendations to ensure that the department’s customers are receiving the highest quality services possible.

Permitting and Code Enforcement Services Audit - Jackson County, NC

jacksoncoBenchmark Planning was selected to perform an audit of the permitting and code enforcement services for Jackson County, NC. Benchmark was tasked with identifying specific opportunities for improvement in existing policies and procedures, providing recommendations on how the industry’s best practices could be implemented into the current business operations of Permitting and Code Enforcement.   The audit evaluated the current organizational structure and operational efficiencies, while confirming that the North Carolina State Building Code and other state and local regulations applicable to the department were being enforced. Benchmark also assessed staffing levels/needs, current ordinance provisions and schedules of enforcement (turnaround time). The audit also included a regional comparison, and a survey of the general public, elected officials, staff and frequent permitting customers.

Zoning Ordinance Update - Onslow County, NC

onslowOnslow County (pop. 187,589) has selected Benchmark Planning to prepare a major overhaul to its Zoning Ordinance.  The primary purpose of this project is to develop a modern, user-friendly and streamlined ordinance that reflects the community’s goals related to land use and development. Major components of the project include the preparation of a full range of design standards for nonresidential development, revising the procedural aspects of the ordinance to reflect current best practices, the addition of new general and overlay districts that are tailored to meet implementation goals of adopted plans, and a general review of land use compatibility standards related to military operational and training impacts associated with Camp Lejeune and Marine Corps Air Station New River.

Fort Hood Joint Land Use Study - Killeen, TX

forthoodThe City of Killeen (pop. 138,154) recently selected Benchmark and its partners White & Smith, and Marstel-Day to prepare the Fort Hood Joint Land Use Study.  The study partners include the cities of Killeen, Copperas Cove, Gatesville, Harker Heights, Nolanville, Lampasas, Temple and Belton; the counties of Bell and Coryell; Fort Hood; and the Heart of Texas Defense Alliance.  The primary focus of the study is an evaluation of the compatibility of land use and development activity in civilian communities with air and ground operations, training, testing and power projection missions conducted at Fort Hood. The goal of the study is to identify ways that Fort Hood and the neighboring civilian communities can work together cooperatively to encourage compatible growth and help to ensure the long term viability and sustainability of Fort Hood’s mission.

Shaw AFB Joint Land Use Study - Sumter, SC

Shaw air force base 2Benchmark Planning, along with partners White & Smith and Marstel-Day have been selected to prepare a Joint Land Use Study for Shaw AFB and Poinsett Range located in Sumter County, SC. The Joint Land Use Study is intended to assist the community, in partnership with Shaw AFB and the 20th Fighter Wing, in preparing for an eventual transition to F-35 aircraft operations at the installation. Specifically, the JLUS will provide the community with an analysis of potential land use compatibility issues related to noise and safety impacts associated with aircraft operations originating from Shaw and provide recommendations and strategies to foster compatible growth and preserve the critical training and operational missions of Shaw AFB and Poinsett Range.