The North Carolina Railroad Company, founded in 1849, is a private corporation created to attract development and promote jobs through investments in the State.  The NCRR freight rail line directly serves hundreds of employers and three military installations in 16 counties via its long-term agreement with Norfolk Southern.  As important, the railroad’s value to economic development continues to help sustain and grow our entire state’s economy through connections with other railroads, intermodal terminals, and freight hubs.

The NCRR commissioned Benchmark and its economic development partner Greenfield Associates to study the area within one mile of the 3,250 miles of freight rail lines across the state to identify potential sites and develop an extensive qualitative and quantitative database of the identified properties for use in industrial site selection and marketing efforts. The study identified both existing and potential rail-served industrial sites in order to provide a broad portfolio of options for various types of rail users and make this information available to the greater economic development community to stimulate investment.