Benchmark, in association with White & Smith, completed the first Joint Land Use Study for the Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri region. Fort Leonard Wood is a 62,911 acre military base located in Pulaski County, Missouri, two miles south of Interstate 44. Fort Leonard Wood is home to the U.S. Army Maneuver Support Center (MANSCEN), where soldiers, Marines, airmen, sailors, and international students from allied nations receive training. The Mission of MANSCEN is to provide the nation with value-based individuals, leaders, and teams trained in basic combat skills including chemical, engineer, military police and transportation disciplines.

The Fort Leonard Wood Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) identified existing and future land use conflicts between the civilian population and the military installation. The JLUS resulted in recommendations that have been endorsed by the local governments in the region to mitigate and prevent potential conflicts. The goal of the study was to ensure that Fort Leonard Wood can continue to successfully conduct its mission, while simultaneously protecting the development interests of adjoining communities. The regional study included Pulaski, Phelps, Texas, and Laclede counties and the cities of Waynesville and St. Robert.